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To receive a Jacksonville Academy Online High School diploma, students need to earn a total of 24 credits between grades 9-12. Credits previously earned from another traditional school or homeschool program will transfer to JAO based on our transfer credit policy.

Diploma of Graduation:

Our academy requires the following criteria to be matched or exceeded for a student to receive a diploma of graduation:

Jacksonville Acadmy Online

Our teaching staff will help customize your student’s course selections based on:

  • High school level work your student has already completed at a different high school or in a homeschool program.
  • Your student’s interests.
  • Your student’s future plans, such as whether your student plans to go to college or start a career after high school.

Homeschool Requirements

Any student who is of compulsory age must also comply with homeschool requirements dictated by their school district. If you are a homeschool student, you need to check the requirement of your district to ensure that The Jacksonville Academy Online High School program meets the district's homeschool requirements.