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Because of the flexibility of the courses offered at Jacksonville Academy Online, students have the opportunity to recover credits or to accelerate their credits as needed. Most courses can be pursued on a part-time or summer schedule as long as the student has an Internet connection. An academy instructor works one-on-one with the student offering personalized attention throughout the course.  To enroll in a summer course, the student must meet prerequisites required by the staff at JAO.

Great for Credit Recovery

$175 per half credit course
$50 one-time summer registration fee

High School Courses Available:

Algebra I-Part I & II
Algebra II-Part I & II
Geometry-Part I & II
English I, II, III, IV-Part I & II
World History-Part I & II
US Government/State History-Part I & II
Physical Science - Part I& II
Biology-Part I & II
Chemistry - Part I & II
Spanish I-Part I & II
Spanish II-Part I & II
Elementary 3rd-6th & Junior High 7th-8th

Math, Science, English, and History Offered!

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