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Jacksonville Academy Online offers the Measures for Academic Progress Test (MAP) produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association. This progress test is utilized by more than 2,400 school districts and educational partners nationwide.

This online test offers a stable and valid measurement scale which provides true assessment of the ongoing progress of the student. It covers three subjects: Reading, Mathematics and Language Usage. There are no time limits except for the 4 hour period that is given to enable students to log into the server to take the test.

The progress test is computer adaptive—unlike standardized achievement tests in which each grade level students take the exact same test. MAP starts at the students’ grade level and adjusts—adapts—according to the student’s ability. If questions are easy, it automatically raises the level of difficulty. If questions are hard, it lowers the level of difficulty.  Students are able to make meaningful attempts at each question, so questions are never wasted.

End tests results are an accurate measurement of what the student knows and needs to learn in subject areas. And test results are maintained test after test allowing for true accurate assessment of the student’s academic progress year after year.

While we only require this test for our students in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11, we strongly encourage all of our students to take advantage of this service. This information may be helpful to show accountability to local school boards or state departments of education. Please note that Jacksonville Academy Online utilizes test data for program development; test scores do not impact students’ grades in any way.

MAP is a nationally normed, nationally accepted achievement test delivered to Jacksonville Academy Online students through the home computer. Parents do not have to find a proctor (a supervisor of exams). MAP can be proctored by the parent. Computerized testing means faster testing times and quicker results. See Tuition and Fees for the testing fee.