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Ignitia Online grades are updated every day since 85% of the grading is automatic while teachers take care of the other 15% on daily basis. Quizzes or tests are allowed to be retaken only once. Teachers must be contacted for a retaken quiz to be rescheduled. Semester progress reports are mailed home.

Jacksonville Academy Online

Extra Points

If a student would like to improve his/her grade on any subject, the student may receive up to 5% by taking notes on a daily basis (the minimum is 50 pages per subject/per semester) and presenting them to the teacher at the end of 1st and 2nd semesters. The teacher will look for accuracy and the length of notes for each subject (at least one page per lesson).

Student Accountability

It is our desire to help each student to achieve his/her learning potentials. This is why our teachers are available to help students. Either by the Ignitia message system, the school support hotline, or phone, we are here to assist the parents in this educational endeavor. However, since parents are playing a significant part in educating their children, it is important that parents be sure that their children are doing daily school assignments. In case of illness, family vacation, or emergency situation, parents need to email their child's teacher and inform about their family situation. If no contact is made by parents within a week, the following policy will be implemented:

One week of inactivity - teacher will inform child via the Ignitia messaging system & inform parents via email.

Two weeks of inactivity - parents will be notified by email and phone.

Three weeks of inactivity without any contact from parents, first warning will be sent via email and phone on possible withdrawal. *If the JAO Office will not be able contact parents, we will send out a letter by regular mail informing parents that according to the state law we will have to withdraw their child if he/she does not resume activity within the next week.

Four weeks of inactivity without any contact from parents. The school office will send out a letter by regular mail informing parents that according to the state law we will have to withdraw their child if he/she does not resume activity within five school days. *If no work will be done for 1/2 of a quarter = 4.5 weeks, and no contact from parents is attempted, the school office will withdraw a child. By state law student must be in school until their legal independent age.

We believe that every child can be successful at achieving his daily and yearly goals. This is one of the primary reasons we are collaborating with families in helping them offer their children a quality education.