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What is the purpose of diagnostic testing?
The diagnostic test is a tool to help in the placement of your child in our curriculum.  It allows us the ability to customize your child’s program and identify any learning gaps if necessary.

Is my child required to take the diagnostic/placement tests to enroll in the academy?
Yes, unlike standardized tests, our placement test is based on our curriculum. Missed questions will identify learning gaps, which will allow the teacher to assign the specific material your child needs.

How does the academy accommodate students who are a grade level behind in one or two of their subjects?
Based on the diagnostic test results and transfer credits, the guidance counselor will determine the academic level of your child and customize the program accordingly. If your child is behind and needs to catch up, we can create a customized subject to assist him.  Similarly, if your student is advanced, the appropriate level in each subject will be assigned.

What if my child needs to do courses that were incomplete at the end of the semester over the summer?
If a full-time student has incomplete courses at the end of a ten month period, he/she may complete those courses for an additional $50 per subject (maximum 2 months). If the courses are still incomplete at the end of 12 months, the student would need to re-enroll and begin the courses over again, paying the current fee for the course.

Do you offer summer school?
With the convenience of rolling enrollment, students are able to take courses over the summer. Current course rates apply. 

Can my child take classes outside of the academy for credit?
Outside courses are allowed, but must be pre-approved by JAO and meet specific requirements.

Will credits earned at your academy be accepted if my child transfers to another school?
Jacksonville Academy Online and the Jacksonville Assembly Christian Academy’s transcript is accepted by most high schools; each school can accept or reject any transfer credits. If you anticipate a transfer in the future, we recommend contacting the high school to verify that all credits will be accepted towards graduation.

How long does a student have to be enrolled to receive a diploma?
Twenty-four credits are required to graduate. If your child is transferring from another school, your child will need to complete a minimum of one full year, or 6 credits, with JAO. If you child has been homeschooled, additional credits may be required if proper documentation cannot be provided for previous coursework.

What do I do if I have been homeschooling my child and don’t have any transcripts for him?
The diagnostic tests may verify enough knowledge to give credit, if you can prove that your child has taken the course by means of test scores, record –keeping, attendance records, etc. The guidance counselor will evaluate all records for validity.  As the homeschooling parent, you are responsible to keep the records up-to-date for the Academy to evaluate at the time of enrollment.

Is there a transcript fee?
Currently there is no fee for the initial transcript. Additional transcripts will require a small fee.

Do you offer an official transcript for outside courses that are approved for academy credit?
The credit will show on our transcript as a transfer credit with the school name from which the credit was transferred to, or as a “homeschool” course if the course was administered by the parent.

Do you offer achievement testing?
Yes, end of course testing will determine the academic advances made during the year to see if adequate yearly progress has been achieved. Parents have the option to test their child one time a year. See Tuition and Fees for testing fee price.

Do you know my particular state's homeschooling requirements?
No, parents are responsible for knowing their own state's homeschool laws. You may call your state home-school organization for this information, or go to www.hslda.org.

When can my student start?
You can enroll your student(s) any day of the year.  Jacksonville Academy Online accepts registrations for enrollment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our "user friendly" online enrollment form on our website,  JacksonvilleAcademyOnline.com . You can also call our toll-free number at 866-529-0111.

How long does the enrollment process take?
The entire enrollment process takes approximately two to three weeks to complete. The enrollment process includes online registration, transcript processing, placement testing, program placement, and advisement.

I have just pulled my student out of a public school, what do I do now?
States have different homeschooling requirements, so we recommend contacting your local homeschooling organization, as well as the Home School Legal Defense Association at www.hslda.org to find out what your state's homeschooling laws are.

What does the Jacksonville Academy Online tuition cover?
The tuition covers enrollment in the online academy curriculum, teacher access, guidance counseling, and other academic services such as transcripts and graduation. There may be additional paperback books to purchase for literature and reading courses and supplies for science experiments in certain courses.

Can I enroll in Jacksonville Academy Online if I live in another country?
Yes, JAO offers online distance learning to students all over the world. Student work is then transmitted over the Internet for the teachers to grade and record. However, a word of caution: there could be challenges with personal contact via phone or online while students are working on their schoolwork due to extreme differences in time zones.

Will my Internet filter cause any problems?
If you have an Internet service provider that allows you to set a filter, you will probably need to set the filter to the lowest level (i.e., parent level). Third-party filters (software filters) will work satisfactorily with the Ignitia© software.

Does my student have to be connected to the Internet while doing schoolwork?
Yes. Students may access their schoolwork from any Internet connection.

Can I enroll my student for just one course?
Yes. Part-time students must take at least 1 full credit course. If your student plans to earn a high school diploma through Jacksonville Academy Online, he or she should register as a full-time student with the usual placement testing and program planning. Please call an enrollment advisor at 866-529-0111.

Does my student need to be able to type to be successful?
Though typing skills are an advantage, many students successfully do the work using the "hunt and peck" method. Students are strongly encouraged to have keyboarding skills. There are several software packets geared toward aiding students with improving their skills.

What is my role as a parent?
The parent is seen as the primary teacher, partnered with the Academy support staff. This is a powerful combination. Parental involvement as the primary* teacher is necessary to insure your student's success. *Primary, meaning "first in line." Parents also serve as the primary source in holding students accountable for progressing in their courses. As the primary teacher, you are your child's "first-responder" with help for academic questions. Next in line is your Academy teacher who will help through the built-in memo pads for student/teacher correspondence. JAO teachers are available to students and parents for (real-time/live-voice) additional assistance via telephone when needed.

What does a typical school day look like?
You arrange the school day as you see fit. You may have your student do all the work in one sitting or space it out over the day. Time spent on the computer will vary depending on your school calendar, the number of subjects that have been assigned, and the student's understanding level of the course material. Generally, a student taking a full course load spread over a 180-day (not counting weekends and holidays) school year will spend three to five hours a day on the computer.

Do the parents set up the lesson plans and academic calendar?
No, the academy sets up the student's school calendar at the beginning of the school year based upon the students courses. Based on this calendar, the computer will divide the entire course into a lesson plan. The calendar can be adjusted through the year to allow for unplanned events, illness, or planned vacations by contacting the student’s academic advisor.

How much time does the student have to finish the school year?
Each student is given 10 months to complete one school year's course work. Additional time may be purchased for a total of 12 months.

Is it better to have more than one computer if I have two students enrolled?
If you have two (or more) students working in our computer-based courses, it makes it easier for your students to have two (or more) computers, but it is not required. If there will be two students working on one computer, we recommend having one student complete his or her work in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. If there are more than two students in the same family enrolled in the Academy, an additional computer is a necessity.

When can my student start?
You can enroll your student(s) any day of the year. Our flexible program accommodates students at any time of the year - enroll when it's convenient for your student.

How long does the enrollment process take?
The entire enrollment process takes approximately two to four weeks to complete. The enrollment process includes online registration, transcript processing, placement testing, and program placement.

What should I do if my student misses a scheduled day of work? Do we need to notify the Academy?
One of the benefits of home schooling is the flexibility of the schedule. With the Online Academy, you have the flexibility to change your schedule when it becomes necessary. You do not need to notify the Online Academy of a school day that has been missed. If your student will not be working for a week or more, you will need to inform the Academy on the reasons.

How often should I check my student’s progress?
We encourage parents to take an active role in their student's education. Parents are essential in actively teaching and working with the student throughout the lessons and we encourage daily review of student progress. Your involvement is critical to your student's success. If you need help interpreting scores, answering questions, providing additional instruction to your student, please call your student’s teacher for assistance.

How does the student communicate with his teacher?
The student can communicate with an Academy teacher in two ways. The first is through the writing of messages left in the memo pads and "message from student" boxes built into the curriculum, and are sent through the Internet with the student's work. The second is by phone or email when necessary.

What about report cards or progress reports?
Yes, each month a progress report is sent via email to each student’s parents by the student’s teacher. However since several weeks pass between each report, it is suggested that parents continuously monitor their student’s work. If an official grade report is needed, we will send one upon request.

How quickly will my student’s work be graded?
Our teachers have 24-48 hours (with the exception of weekends and holidays) to review and grade each student's daily assignments.