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The following information provides a basic overview of tuition and registration fees for enrollment in Jacksonville Academy Online.

Full-Time Online Students

Registration Fee:
$125 - First-time Family Enrollment (includes placement diagnostic testing.)
$75 - Re-Enrollment per family (for returning students - no placement testing.)

Annual Tuition - Full-Time Enrollment:

$1,500 - 3rd through 5th Grades
 (Tuition includes 5 subjects: Bible, Math, Language Arts, History, and Science.)
$1,850 - 6th through 12th Grades
  (Tuition includes 6 subjects: Bible, Math, Language Arts, History, Science and one elective.)

Additional Courses:

$300 per full year course    (1 credit)
$150 per semester course  (.5 credit)

Outside Elective Credits:

$50 per full year course    (1 credit)
$25 per semester course  (.5 credit)

Full-time Enrollment Discounts: 

  • Families who enroll full-time students can receive 5% off tuition by pre-paying the entire tuition.
  • Families who enroll more than two children on a full-time basis earn a 15% discount of the price of tuition for the third and subsequent children enrolled.
  • Achievement Testing Fee - $50.00*  (Price per student)
  • Graduation Fee - $50*

*Covers cap, gown and diploma. Transcripts are offered upon parental request.

Part-Time Online Students / Independent Courses

Registration Fee: (Registration fee is per student for part-time students, and non-refundable.)
$100 - First-time (no placement testing)
$75 - Re-Enrollment

Tuition: (Part-Time students may register for 1 to 5 courses.)
*High school diplomas are not issued to part-time students unless they have subsequent full-time enrollments with JAO.
$300 per full year course  (1 credit)
$175 per semester course (.5 credit)
*Please note that Jacksonville Academy Online pricing is subject to change without notice.

Payment Plans:
Registration fees are billed at time of registration. Jacksonville Academy Online offers a tuition payment plan, for full-time students only, as follows:

One Time Payment Plan
95% due after placement and before curriculum is assigned (earns a 5% discount).

Semester Payment Plan
1st payment - 50% due after placement, before curriculum is assigned.
2nd payment - remaining 50% due before beginning second semester of assigned curriculum.

Quarterly Payment Plan
1st payment – 25% due after placement, before curriculum is assigned.
2nd payment – 25% due before beginning second semester of assigned curriculum.
3rd payment – 25% due 90 days after second semester begins.
4th payment – 25% due at the end of the second semester, and before re-enrollment.

Note: Tuition will be paid by the same method used during registration. If a Paypal© account is used to register, the same account will be used to collect tuition costs. If paying by check, please provide the check numbers for the registration fee and tuition payments at time of registration.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy:

Any request for withdrawal must be made by using the Withdrawal Form. The registration fee is non-refundable. A 30% withdrawal fee will be applied on total tuition if the student is withdrawn after 14 days from when the course work was assigned.  For example, a withdrawal fee would be $450 if the tuition total was $1,500.  Transcripts will not be released and any applicable refund will not be submitted until the JAO withdrawal form is received at the Academy Office.

Note: The Online School reserves the right to cancel a student's enrollment at any time for non-payment of fees, unsatisfactory progress, inadequate record-keeping, failure to submit work on a regular basis, or obvious student cheating. Once a student is dismissed, reinstatement is considered only upon application to and approval by, the administration of Jacksonville Academy Online. If reinstatement is allowed, tuition fees must be brought current, and a reinstatement fee of $50.00 will be assessed.

Other School Policies

Students are given 10 months to complete the school year. A student can purchase up to two additional months to complete assigned courses. Each month is an additional $50.00 per course.  Partial credit will not be issued for incomplete courses after 12 months.

Students have 10 months to complete an entire course, and five months if fewer than five units need to be completed.

For more information, please contact the Online Academy Office at 866-529-0111.